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Crafting in Tamriel Revealed

Well folks, it is finally here: a firsthand look at Crafting in Elder Scrolls Online. This past week we got to play the game for a long while at Zenimax Online Studios and crafting was in there. We stumbled upon it, brewed some Dawnstar Ale and cheered! From what we have seen so far, the Crafting system does not disappoint.

We saw two examples of what you can make. The first was the Dawnstar Ale which I made in the demo. I had found some grains in a barrel in town and also got some Pure Water off of a shelf in the island's palace.elder scrolls gold.  I was going through a dungeon and found a campfire. It said "Press E to use the campfire" and so I did. Then my Orc was standing with a bowl and working over the fire. Provisioner had two categories: cooking and brewing. I was able to add the Grains and Pure Water as the main ingredients and DawnStar Ale was made. I did not have any Additives this time, but more on that later.

The next example we saw was during a demo when Paul Sage had his Orc blacksmithing an axe. For those of you interested: yes you can make all of the racial armors and weapons in Elder Scrolls, plus a few other classics. Daedric weapons please, yes, and thanks. Paul crafted the axe using Iron Ingots and another ingredient, but then went crazy with the Additives (again more later). The result was an Iron Battleaxe of Undead Bane and Lightning. Yes, you heard that right. Because Paul was an Orc he was able to make the axe in the Orc styling. All the races will automatically get their own weapon and armor racials to learn. A Blacksmith can learn to craft other types of weapons and armor, but they told us that was something to be discovered in game and not just handed out freely.

With ingredients and additives available all over for players to find, the system encourages experimentation. Also the breakdown of Crafting Professions is very much Elder Scrolls at heart. So lets take a full look.