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Reveling in the Combat

As gamers, combat is an integral part of our happiness with the MMOs we play. Well done combat is equally responsible for a game's success. As part of our ongoing coverage of The Elder Scrolls Online, we take a look at its combat. See what we discovered during our hands on time. Let us know what you think in the comments.

First let's go over what you have to work with. Any character can use any weapon and wear any armor. Get that everyone? Yes you can be a Sorceror and wear heavy armor. Yes you can swing a great sword as a Templar. It is all there for you. elder scrolls gold. You choose your gear and can progess in your weapons the more you use them. Even better, you can master every weapon in the game if you wish. While playing, I definitely felt like I was not limited to my playstyle based on the weapon choices alone. I went from two handed hammer to sword and shield to dual wield as I leveled.  I just we had seen some ranged weapons in this build, but since the targeting system was in flux from older builds (from tab-targeting to TES-style controls) they weren't ready for our hands on.