Bill Murphy : I’m OK with ESO Faction Turncoats

Myesogold Date: May/20/17 10:28:30 Views: 1243
There is been a lot of controversy lately about "faction turncoats" now that it is known pre-ordering any version of Elder Scrolls Online will allow you to play any race in any faction of the game. What’s funny to me is that this is the kind of thing players have been dying for Zenimax to allow. But now that we have it (even if it is tied to pre-orders), the folks who wanted factions to remain race-locked are now speaking out about how they think this move is a.) A cash grab or b.) Somehow wronging the lore or c.) Breaking the game is PVP. elder scrolls gold. I wanted to ramble a bit today about why I think all three upset parties are crying over a bit of spilt milk, and why this is all better for the game in my eyes.