Consoles Opened Up the Game to Millions of New People

Myesogold Date: May/20/17 11:02:36 Views: 825

Elder Scrolls Online is a gigantic success according to Zenimax's Matt Firor. eso gold. Between the transition of the game from a subscription model to a buy to play title and the release of ESO for both XBox One and PlayStation 4, Firor says that the game was opened up to 'millions of new people', later qualifying that statement with 'that's actually new players'.

The team's goal now is to keep building momentum by producing quality story-based missions and DLC that have not coincidentally been good for the 'reacquisition' of returning players.

"MMO now refers to a technology, not to a game design. Any game that allows millions of people to play together is an MMO. I wouldn't even say that ESO is a true MMORPG; I mean, it has common features, but it also has features that don't belong there. ESO is its own thing."