Elder Scrolls Online : Are Four Classes Enough?

Myesogold Date: May/20/17 10:18:08 Views: 845
Elder Scrolls Online is going to offer a lot of depth in its character customization and progression. But does that mean the game is four main classes will be enough to satisfy the ADHD gamer in us all? Read on for Bill Murphy is thoughts and let us know your own in the comments. Yes, four classes are enough for Elder Scrolls Online. There we go. Column over. Discuss! Okay, I well prattle on for a bit longer and then we can get to the usual comment-arguing. The Dragon Knight, Sorcerer, Night Blade, and Templar seem to fill the basic ""roles"" of traditional trinity-based design. But when you toss in all the many layered variations with skills, weapons, armor, and faction skills... it becomes clear that the four classes are simply a baseline to what the game is character development is all about: player-choice and experimentation.