Elder Scrolls Online : Bad as I Want to Be

Myesogold Date: May/20/17 10:27:41 Views: 781
Many MMOs these days seem to pigeonhole players into being good and pitting them against evil to save the world. But sometimes being bad is just, well, good. In our latest Elder Scrolls Online column, we take a look at that notion. See what we have to say before unchaining your inner bad boy in the comments. But why is that so important? Because, despite the direct questline through all of the Elder Scrolls games narrative, there was always an element of freedom that couldn’t be marked by just saying ""well you can shape your character is stats, and go wherever you want."" elder scrolls gold. The freedom to act was and is just as important as the freedom to build your character is abilities. If ESO leaves this part out? It wonot quite truly capture what makes the Elder Scrolls series so special.