Elder Scrolls Online : Bringing In The Non-MMO Gamer

Myesogold Date: May/20/17 10:36:55 Views: 592

We here at MMORPG might be what you call an MMO studio's "target audience". We're the folks who keep games going for years after launch. But we're not the only gamers out there for big IP titles like Elder Scrolls Online. In today's column, we're exploring some of the reasons why Zenimax Online Studios' game might just pull in more than the usual MMO gamers.

    One of the biggest hints towards ESO's broader targeted appeal is in how closely it's positioning itself to be the successor to Skyrim: the Elder Scrolls game that broke the series into the gamer mainstream culture with "arrow to the knee".elder scrolls gold. Perhaps if Skyrim had never happened, there wouldn't be as much angst and speculation surrounding ESO's release. But the fact is, Skyrim catapulted this series into the mainstream gaming consciousness and there's no denying that a lot of Elder Scrolls fans will pick up the title based purely on the namesake alone.