Elder Scrolls Online : Calling All Class Builds, Assassin Style!

Myesogold Date: May/20/17 11:02:36 Views: 545

As a part of our Inside ESO series, we're looking for your best Elder Scrolls Online class builds! With the Dark Brotherhood soon approaching (launching on PC 5/31), we want all your favorite Assassin-esque builds! eso gold. We'll be partnering with Zenimax Online to pick the best or most creative submissions, and the winner will receive a crown pack to spend in-game! Read on for more details.

From now (May 27th) through Tuesday, May 31st, we're asking all of you to submit your best ASSASSIN-themed class builds for Elder Scrolls Online. No particular class is required, so if you can think of a great way to make the Templar seem like a sneaky, murderous, killer, let us hear it! With the Dark Brotherhood DLC coming out soon, it's good practice for making the killer of your nightmares.

Simply submit your build (using a site like Skill-Factory), and write in your own description of the build - what makes it particularly right for the Dark Brotherhood? No need to worry about Champion Points, either. That's going a little TOO deep.

The winner will be chosen and published on Wednesday June 1st, right here on MMORPG.com with all credit going to the winner as well as the aforementioned Crown Pack to spend on in-game items for Elder Scrolls Online.

What are you waiting for? Submit your builds here in the comments!