Elder Scrolls Online : Checking out the New Emperor is Groove

Myesogold Date: May/20/17 10:18:08 Views: 658
The first emperor in Elder Scrolls Online has been elected and the official site has been updated with an interview to find out just who it is that sits on the Ruby Throne. Did you have the support of a guild? If so, how did they help you? Yes, I had the support of the guild I am currently in, Entropy Rising, as well as PRX. Our guilds have been collaborating for some time about being a dominant force in the Aldmeri Dominion alliance in Cyrodiil. Both guilds supported having a member from within their ranks push for the first emperor spot when Early Access went live. Who it would be, though, was a mystery to both guilds.elder scrolls gold. Together on the first Early Access day, many members from both guilds partnered with their Mara buddies and pushed for level ten to make a push for emperor. Both guilds are very coordinated and have great leaders that were able to convince members how helpful having an emperor would be for questing and doing dungeons. They both helped by organizing their members into dynamic fighting groups to siege and take the six emperor keeps quickly and efficiently, not letting a minute of time get wasted.