Elder Scrolls Online : Devs Answer Tons of Questions in Latest Ask Us Anything

Myesogold Date: May/20/17 10:20:31 Views: 633
The Zenimax Online Studios team posted a new Ask Us Anything today, covering a ton of information from more details on character creation to resurrection in PVP, the reason to use a Shield, and more! A sample from the post: Will there be banks? If not, what are the options for storage? - Cassandra Kinsfather Yes, there are banks in The Elder Scrolls Online, and they are account wide. All your characters will share the same bank. Your armor skills are supposed to increase by wearing that type of armor. Does the skill line level faster if you wear more armor pieces of the same type, or can I mix the armor types and level all of them at the same rate? Will your armor level faster when fighting higher-level enemies? - Dennis Mull The more of a specific armor type you wear, the faster that line will advance.elder scrolls gold. Your armor will level faster if you fight higher-level enemies because they are worth more experience. All weapons can be used to block. What is the advantage of using a shield? Do I have to be in combat mode for my shield to be blocking? - Burwell Thompson, III Shields have larger amounts of armor and have more mitigation when blocking than weapons do. They are also used in the one-hand and shield skill line. For abilities in that skill line to function, you need to have a shield equipped.