Elder Scrolls Online : ESO Live! Live Stream Set to Debut Tomorrow

Myesogold Date: May/20/17 10:36:55 Views: 532

The Elder Scrolls Online team has posted on the game's Facebook page that a new weekly live stream show called ESO Live! will officially kick off on Friday, September 12th on Twitch.tv. The show will feature chats with developers, fans and players and will cover a wide variety of topics.buy eso gold. You can check out the first episode tomorrow at the times listed below.

I believe Zenimax is testing the waters with a feature being shown only at conventions. Since E3, they’ve been demonstrating a 4v4v4 system where four players from each faction battle for ownership of a flag placed in the center of the map. This is exactly the type of small scale PvP players have been asking for, except it is lacking one key point, strategy. Whilst this is a great feature and it loads of fun, it is far from ready, at least in my eyes, and I will explain why.