Elder Scrolls Online : F2P Rumors Swirl as Australian Retailers Remove Boxes

Myesogold Date: May/20/17 10:43:14 Views: 516

Australian retailers are responding to rumors that Bethesda will be announcing that Elder Scrolls Online will be going free to play.cheap eso gold. Many game outlets have removed boxes from shelves prior to January 13th in anticipation of the announcement according to Kotaku AU, though the move may be part of 'housecleaning' after the holidays.

    We've just learned that a directive, sent to all EB Games stores, has asked that all copies of Elder Scrolls Online — including the pre-paid cards — are to be sent back to the publisher.

    A source at EB Games confirmed that everything related to the game would be removed by January 13.

    We couldn't get in contact with Bethesda locally to confirm the reasons for the game's removal, but rumours are circling that the game is finally making the leap to a free-to-play business model.

Read more at the link above. We'll keep you posted as the story develops.

Update 2 (thanks, Cura!):

    Noticed an update on Kotaku:

    "Update: EB Games has stated on its Facebook page this removal is part of a normal stock recall - a recall that includes numerous video games. EB Games said similar things to MCV Pacific. Our source has stated that other titles mentioned in this list are excess stock, whereas the Elder Scrolls Online removal includesall units of the game, including the pre-paid cards. I've personally seen the stock list — which includes games such as Destiny and The Evil Within - but these games are being kept in the store. Absolutely everything Elder Scrolls Online related will be gone by January 14."

UPDATE 1 (thanks, AsalzSy!):

    EB Games Spokesman:

    "This is just part of a normal stock recall. Post-Christmas we ask stores to send back anything that they may have too much of in store. This time we included many titles, including The Evil Within, Destiny and The Elder Scrolls Online."