Elder Scrolls Online : Megaservers vs. The Elder Scrolls

Myesogold Date: May/20/17 10:20:31 Views: 643
There are some clear benefits to going with a single-server solution in an Elder Scrolls MMO, but are there some potential pitfalls with Zenimax Online is particular implementation? We weigh in below! Generally, I am a huge fan of single server solutions, and what Zenimax Online is proposing for The Elder Scrolls Online takes the whole idea a step further.elder scrolls gold. You see, in The Elder Scrolls Online, players will be given the option of setting their own play preferences. Players will be asked what sort of age groups they want to play with or what playstyle preferences they have (ex. PvP, raiding, etc.) and the game will intelligently match up players of like interests when sorting out the populations of zone instances. Instead of just shuffling players into different zone copies by simple load metrics, The Elder Scrolls Online will give players the option of tailoring the community they share the world with to their own individual preferences. The game will even remember players you have interacted with and place you in zone instances with them if they are online. Neat!