Elder Scrolls Online : More About Character Progression

Myesogold Date: May/20/17 10:20:31 Views: 624
Now that fans have had a few days to digest all of the information about Elder Scrolls Online and character progression, Zenimax is back with even more in the latest Ask Us Anything that is specifically focused on the topic. Considering the very high versatility of character progression, with the armor, weapons, guilds, and other skills, why did you choose to maintain a class system? There are a number of reasons we made this decision, but let is look at these two: 1. Many of you have an idea about how you want to start the game in your head already.elder scrolls gold. When you create your character, you may be looking for an archetype and a certain style. Classes help provide choices right from the beginning and can give you something you are comfortable with. 2. Multiplayer games are about standing out in a crowd, competing and cooperating with other players, and playing off their strengths and weaknesses. The different skill lines provided by the classes allow for this right from the beginning. You well have the freedom to mold your character however you want eventually, but class choices allow you to strategize and combine your character is core skills with others in a fun way. Our goal is to allow for maximum diversity while still giving you interesting, clear choices that let you stand out.