Elder Scrolls Online : Progression as Longevity

Myesogold Date: May/20/17 10:39:10 Views: 532

In this week's Elder Scrolls Online column, we take a look at Zenimax' progression model for ESO which should serve to keep players working on their characters long after the max level. Read on for more of Bill Murphy's thoughts on the matter, and see if you agree.

    If there's one thing I think will keep me playing Elder Scrolls Online long past the level cap, it's not the three-faction PVP, the story, or the dungeons. It's the idea that my character can continue to get more powerful beyond the level cap without some arbitrary gear grind.cheap eso gold. Now, we know that ESO is planning dungeons and gear to be a part of the endgame. But, that's never been a draw for me when it comes to being at the max in level-based games. I know that it works for some folks, but aside from the adventure itself, combing through a massive world, what really keeps me playing is the notion of character development.