Elder Scrolls Online : Second Era Lore Books Available for PreOrder

Myesogold Date: May/20/17 10:38:05 Views: 721

One of the highlights of any Elder Scrolls game is the collection of lore books in and around the world. In a new post on the Elder Scrolls Online site, the team has revealed that a limited edition run of 10,000 sets is available for preorder.eso gold. Called "Hero's Guide", the books contain a vast amount of game lore, and artwork. Hero's Guide will retail for $100 USD.

This set consists of tomes from across Tamriel during the Second Era. Each book presents different facets of the world: A trek across the provinces by a group of Nord hunters in honor of the Sky Goddess Kyne; an Imperial catalog of weapons and armor used by the great races; and the journal of a wizard's apprentice, focusing on alchemical studies. These books were all brought together for you to experience stories from the realm as you make your own explorations across the Starry Heart.