Elder Scrolls Online : Store Items to be Available at Launch

Myesogold Date: May/20/17 10:43:14 Views: 536

Zam has an interesting new interview with Zenimax's Matt Firor. In one of the more controversial, or at least discussion-worthy, questions, Firor is asked about what sorts of items players can expect to find in the Zenimax game store when Elder Scrolls Online goes live in early April.

    What types of items or services can we expect to find in the Zenimax store?

    The purpose of the store is to offer interested players a variety of additional services. At launch we're going to have two items: the ability to upgrade to the Imperial Edition, and an entry level horse (Palomino colored).buy elder scrolls gold. The horse you get in both purchases is functionally the same, but the Imperial Edition is the only way to ever get the White horse. We have the Palomino horse available to allow players to purchase a basic mount without purchasing the entire Imperial Edition.