Elder Scrolls Online : The Champion System Changes Everything, Leaves Questions

Myesogold Date: May/20/17 10:42:28 Views: 447

The Elder Scrolls Online team has been active with reveals in recent weeks, due to how much will be changing in update 6, which itself is just the beginning for subsequent phases of changes, additions, and overhauls. So it's not surprising that the year closes out with (finally!) details about the Champion system.eso gold. While no one will get a taste of the actual update until it hits the PTS after the new year, there's already much feedback and discussion to tide us all over until January and beyond. With all of the changes over the past six months or so and the scope of what's to come, even Zenimax' Eric Wroebel called this similar to an ESO 2.0. For many, it's all a mark of the game's improvements and the studio's commitment to its community. Yet there are still a few elements of the update that leave unanswered questions.