Elder Scrolls Online : The Dos And Donots of Cyrodiil

Myesogold Date: May/20/17 10:18:08 Views: 814
Anybody who is been around the MMO-space for very long realizes that there are lots of ""do is and donot is"" when it comes to PvP. In our latest Elder Scrolls Online column, we make a few suggestions to the team about things that should, and shouldnot, be in the game. Read on before adding your own list in the comments. We know attacking castles and laying siege are already major parts of Cyrodiil, however the main reason this is a ""Donot"" is because you cannot rely on this mechanic too heavily in your MMO. Keeps where the main focus of Dark Age of Camelot and worked well as objectives for the three factions to attack and take over. However, there was a point of boredom after a while when players were sick of knocking on a door. I get that keeps are a great objective, but they should not be the end all of PvP. This system worked great in DAOC, but failed horribly in Warhammer Online. The main issue going back to stalking the PvP zones for players, not just staring at them on a wall. We know keep sieges are in, they look cool from early footage, but they will not create a full experience for your hardcore PvP player... we want more.