Elder Scrolls Online : The Post-50 Experience to be Overhauled

Myesogold Date: May/20/17 10:27:41 Views: 639
A new post has appeared on the Elder Scrolls Online forum that will bring some welcome news to players working through Veteran content at the post-50 level: Changes are coming beginning Monday, July 7th.elder scrolls gold. The team has been listening to player feedback about how content post-50 is dramatically different from all that came before. To answer to concerns and wishes of those who want to continue to be able to solo much of the content, Veteran content will be undergoing a significant change. One of the guiding principles of our Veteran gameplay was to encourage you (not force you) to group. We wanted you to be able to reach max level by playing solo if you wished, but still encourage you to group with others along the way. This principle was the reason we made our post-50 zones more difficult; we wanted you to get together with others to take on tougher challenges and form social bonds while you did so. But we understand that, despite our vision, this is not how all our players want to experience the game beyond level 50. Starting next week on Monday, July 7th, you well see the first significant change we are making to the Veteran System. We are implementing some balance changes to content in post-50 zones that will make it much more like the content from levels 1-50. Our goal is to remove the feeling of ""I have just hit a wall of difficulty"" that many of you have expressed-you well be able to solo much more easily.