Elder Scrolls Online : The Road Ahead - Armor Dye, Balance, Veteran Rewards & More

Myesogold Date: May/20/17 10:36:55 Views: 608

The latest "Road Ahead" blog has been posted by Matt Firor on the official Elder Scrolls Online site.cheap eso gold. In it, details are revealed about several key features and systems that the team is working on in preparation for eventual release into the game. Included are class balance issues, the revamped Veteran Rank System, ESO's presence at this year's Quake*Con, guild enhancements, itemization, armor dyes and more.

    We've seen feedback that there isn't enough differentiation in armor appearances—especially as you adventure from moment to moment—and that the items you find are not substantially better than the ones you already have, leading to a feeling of incremental gain but never something exciting or momentous.

    Armor dyes, which will be in the game as part of Update 3, will help by giving you the ability to customize gear colors to your tastes, but we're also going to introduce some new itemization features over the next couple of updates:

        New armor sets that are visually distinct from others.
        A new system that makes it easier to find complete sets in-game.
        Item rewards will be handed out in a more logical fashion by quests and enemy drops.