Elder Scrolls Online : This Weekend is Test Parameters Detailed

Myesogold Date: May/20/17 10:20:31 Views: 659
Zenimax has posted a short note on the official Elder Scrolls Online site. According to the post, those who have been invited are all being asked to attend to, in essence, help test the server structure and stability. We are getting closer to 4.4.14, when The Elder Scrolls Online officially launches for PC and Mac, and we are working hard to ensure that the first steps of your adventure in Tamriel are as smooth as possible.elder scrolls gold. This weekend is test is a key part of those preparations-we have invited a massive number of players worldwide to this session to help us get ready and test all of our systems at high volume. If you were invited, you well be actively helping us make launch better with your participation. We need you to get in there, be persistent even when you encounter issues, and push all of our systems hard. We well be doing a number of our own tests during the session, like bringing the server down and back up, to gauge how our systems respond to these situations. With your help, we can uncover problems and solve them before launch.