Elder Scrolls Online : Three-Faction PVP a la DAOC

Myesogold Date: May/20/17 10:20:31 Views: 601
After Zenimax is announcement last week that The Elder Scrolls Online really is going to happen, the MMO-niverse has been packed with fans discussing TES. We have got our own unique take on the game and invite you to check it out. Welcome to our first Elder Scrolls Online column at MMORPG.com. This feature kicks off a series that will follow the game all the way to launch and beyond. After the announcement last week we are just as excited as you guys to see what Zenimax has in store. Game Informer ran an amazing interview with Paul Sage, Creative Director on the project. Paul is career goes all the way back to Ultima Online and he is a true veteran of the industry. One of the major points that Paul brings up in the interview is the three faction PvP system. Being that the Elder Scrolls has never had official PvP in it, I thought this would be a great aspect of ESO to begin the column with.