Elder Scrolls Online : Werewolves and Vampires in ESO

Myesogold Date: May/20/17 10:18:08 Views: 726
One of the features that is only been briefly discussed when it comes to Elder Scrolls Online is the fact that players will be able to become werewolves and vampires just as they have been able to in previous incarnations of Tamriel. In today is column, we explore some ways in which the Zenimax Online team can get this gameplay right... or wrong. The key to being either a werewolf or a vampire in ESO is making both modes of play feel extraordinary. I well never forget when I first turned into a werewolf in Morrowind is Bloodmoon expansion. The jumping, the speed of running, and the power behind every claw swipe were something out of a superhero videogame, not my Elder Scrolls. And it was the kind of addition that made just enough impact in the game to shake things up from the usual running, sword-swiping, and spell-casting. If ESO is going to add these two ""powers"" into the game, the studio needs to make sure they feel truly special and powerful. But not without a cost, or limitations.