Elder Scrolls Online : Yes, Virginia, It is Pay to Play

Myesogold Date: May/20/17 10:42:28 Views: 459

In the relatively few days since Zenimax announced that Elder Scrolls Online would be a subscription-based game, the talk around the 'Net has been rampant. In our latest ESO column, Garrett talks about why it's time to stop the discussion about the subscription fee and start talking about the game itself. Read on and then head to the comments!

    Gameplay is king. If a game is very strong at its core and crosses new ground in the MMO space then people will play it.cheap elder scrolls gold. Whether it is for $15.00 a month or free, or even throwing over $200.00 a month to a cash shop they will still log in every night and do something in that world. It is not so much about price but more about fun. When a really good game comes out do you remember how much you paid for it? Do you think about how much every dollar you spent equates to your level advancement or skill tree? Probably not. That is where the idea of good solid gameplay comes in.