First Person Concerns

Myesogold Date: May/20/17 11:00:08 Views: 910

First-person view recently made its Elder Scrolls Online debut in a new video floating around the interwebs. As excited as we are for the news, we've got a couple of concerns. Read on for our thoughts and share your own with us in the comments below.

We can tell you that the game feels like an Elder Scrolls game. buy elder scrolls gold. Perhaps some of the video or information Zenimax has put out may do a decent job of convincing you, but it's the appearance of the first-person view in this latest video that I feel will really sell that Elder Scrolls feel for the game. It looks good. Not having tried the mode myself, I can't say with any certainty how faithful ESO's first-person view will be to existing Elder Scrolls titles, but I feel showing this off will pique the interests of those who weren't necessarily paying attention to the MMO up to this point. Digging through information or sitting through developers talking about the game just isn't for everyone. It could be as simple as showing off that traditional Elder Scrolls view to get skeptics to sit up and pay attention.