"How We Did It" - Creating Dark Anchors

Myesogold Date: May/20/17 11:03:19 Views: 731

Zenimax has updated the Elder Scrolls Online site with a new developer diary to show the design process behind the Dark Anchor encounters. buy eso gold. The diary goes in to the detail about early iterations of the Dark Anchors and how the team wanted to be sure that they were something players would want to explore via sound and detailed visuals.

    There's more to the Anchors than just the intimidating sights and sounds, though. Massive chains drive into the ground, and Daedra pulled from Oblivion pour from the inter-planar space, causing chaos in the vicinity. To loosen the grip of the Anchor, you'll have to gather allies and drive the monsters back, but it won't be easy. Dark Anchor encounters feature a huge amount of variations, and you never know exactly what you'll be up against. To give them even more flavor and challenge, we added a selection of randomized special bosses. You might even find yourself facing one of Molag Bal's own generals as you fight to send the Anchor back to Oblivion. The whole experience, from the frightening sounds to the chaotic battle, is complemented by Molag Bal himself (voiced by Malcolm McDowell) taunting you-daring you to defy him and laughing at your feeble attempts to defeat his champions.