It is More Than Story

Myesogold Date: May/20/17 11:03:19 Views: 793

The Elder Scrolls Online has been given the MMORPG award for Best MMORPG of 2015 and rightfully so. ESO strives where other games are beginning to fall behind, keeping the game alive and feeling new. elder scrolls gold. Its content release schedule is probably one of the best I've seen from any company.  Its primary focus is building the game the people want, which isn't very common. So many companies say they want to build the perfect game for its community yet never live up to the potential, whereas ESO is constantly changing based solely on community feedback. This is probably one of the biggest reasons ESO is the best MMORPG of 2015.  But there is one aspect of ESO where Merida's light doesn't shine brightly.

It has never been officially announced but Zenimax has commented many times that player housing is on their radar and it is something they want to do. We already know that Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood are DLC that are being released in 2016 so housing might not be too far off. I think now is the prime opportunity to voice our opinions on what would make the best housing implementation for ESO.

While player housing would offer nothing to the grand arch of the game storyline progression its implementation would offer so much more than story. As important as story is to an Elder Scrolls game, the most important part is making the world feel real.Players immerse themselves in this fictional, pixelated world of imagination and to do that they need to implement features from our real world.

If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times; immersion is about connecting our real lives nuances, bridges if you will, to the game world. These bridges aren't combat or story related, they are the items that we tend to take for granted, the little things we do that we don't truly expect to see in a game world. Imagine a game where when night begins to fall we start noticing NPCs going to their homes for the night, stores and shops closing down, bars / taverns beginning to get busier, nocturnal creatures beginning to scurry about. This incredibly simplistic concept provides very realistic immersion. These bridges offer the player a much grander experience than just adding in an additional area for players to go kill things.

This is an area where I think Zenimax has fallen short. ESO is a great game.  Like I said, best MMORPG of 2015 without a doubt, but it could be better. ESO lacks a lot of the bridges that could make Tamriel feel like a far off world. Right now, if you were to go into ESO the only thing for you to really do is gather crafting materials, or kill things. There is nothing that lets the citizens of Tamriel "escape" from the incredibly harsh world that they live in. These people have an incredibly horrible life.  If you're not already being attacked by some sort of daedra, you're under that threat of attack every moment of every day. Not really the best of lives if you ask me, but they have nothing to take their minds off these worries. Where is the horse racing, the gambling, the gardening, the mini games, features that would give Tamrielic citizens a glimpse of hope, a brief moment of normality.