Latest AMA Covers a Bit of Everything

Myesogold Date: May/20/17 11:01:42 Views: 515

The latest "Ask Me Anything" has been posted on the Elder Scrolls Online site. In this fifteenth edition, the team takes on a grab bag of player questions. Topics include alchemy, dungeon levels, Scout quests and the ever-present bots / gold seller issue.

    I do occasionally group up with a friend to do quests and the like, but very rarely more than that. From what I can see of Craglorn, everything is group based. eso gold. While I am happy to see that content come out for the game's longevity, I probably won't see it. Will there be any Veteran content in the future that does not rely on being grouped? – John Adams-Wade

    Yes. We'll continue to add content in the game for all types of players. We may concentrate in the immediate future on "new" content which is four-player or twelve-player group based, but we will have lots of features coming in which benefit all players, including having more varied activities.