Latest Dev Blog Reveals Creative Secrets Behind Trials

Myesogold Date: May/20/17 11:00:08 Views: 652

The latest Elder Scrolls Online developer blog has been posted. In this edition, the team goes into detail about how trials are created. cheap eso gold. Twelve-player trials will enter the game when the Craglorn Adventure Zone is released into ESO.

    The flexibility of our skill system allows us to create plenty of interesting situations for Trial groups, and we can demand a high level of mechanical mastery. For instance, there may be encounters that require a heavy burn phase where everyone needs to contribute high damage in a short period of time. We can also force groups to deal with extreme incoming damage. In these situations, additional healing and damage reduction skills might be necessary for everyone.

    The skill system also allows us to play with group fragmentation, both planned and spontaneous. There are times when you'll need to coordinate to split up and accomplish two or more objectives at once, but there are other times when your group can be shattered unexpectedly. In those situations, every player on your team will need to be ready to react and forge ahead in the Trial. And, of course, everyone will be expected to avoid telegraphed damage, control enemies, and know their role thoroughly.