Lore Hound is Delight - Messages from Hew is Bane Part 2

Myesogold Date: May/20/17 11:01:42 Views: 562

For those who like the history and lore behind the forthcoming Elder Scrolls Online DLC, Thieve's Guild, today's Messages from Hew's Bane Part 2 will be a delight. cheap eso gold. Packed with information about the area, its denizens and much more.

    Read this document from the Loremaster's Archive to learn more about the history of Hew's Bane and the founder of Abah's Landing, Prince Hubalajad.

    Was Prince Hubalajad as foolish and stubborn as tales make us believe? Why would he build Abah's Landing in a place as unwelcoming as Hew's Bane and continue to invest in it regardless of all drawbacks? This text discovered in the archives might help to shine a different light on the reasons and stories behind the colonization of Hew's Bane.