Lost Ark: The complete guide to lost city island token

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Obtaining island tokens is an important and necessary task in Lost Ark in order to obtain important rewards such as skill potions or mounts. Collecting all 95 island tokens is an impressive display of endurance and can also be confusing. The Lost City Island Token tests your water skills and luck as you catch keys to open chests scattered throughout the island.

Lost Ark: The complete guide to lost city island token

You can get the Lost City Island Token as a random RNG drop by participating in the found action. on the island. To get this island token, you will have to fish in the places located around the island. While fishing, you will receive an item called the Worn Key of Oblivion, which can be used to open chests scattered around the map. In turn, the chests are very likely to contain the Lost City Island Token.



Here is the location of the Lost City:


Here are the fishing spots located around the island:

Chests are located near every fishing spot, so you don't have to stray far while fishing to get a chance to open chests. Each chest also contains a very small, negligible amount of silver. This is an unreliable way to get the coveted Lost Ark currency in the game, so you shouldn't expect to come here as a place to farm.

This is one of the easiest Island Souls to collect in the game, so it's highly recommended that you come here first as part of your 20 Essential Island Souls. On average, it only takes a few attempts to open chests to find an island soul. Other things to do on this island are a quest chain that drops open sea coin chests and a special key that can open a chest found on the island that doesn't contain an island soul.


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