Madden 22: 10 secrets to improve the gaming experience

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The NFL football game put down by EA Sports is one of the most popular sports games and is deeply loved by players. In the latest Madden 22 game, improving the level of the game and winning the game is the ultimate goal of every player. Although it is challenging to get to the final destination, ten secrets can help players get the final goal easier.


Madden 22: 10 secrets to improve the gaming experience


In the Madden 22 game, mastering knowledge and skills is one of the important factors in the game. Winning the game is based not only on talent, many MUT 22 Coins but also on the knowledge and skills in the game. Players can trial and error, practice, view online, or spend some time in the tutorial. These skills are not easy to find or master, but those who master will gain a clear advantage in versatility. Football is an inch game, and these skills will tilt the balance on the field for years.



Secret 1: Precise Movement



Secret 2:Burst Upfield With Turbo

One of the mistakes everyone makes when playing Madden NFL 22 is to grab the turbocharger trigger. This was a wise move for a while, but using it will result in lateral movement penalties.

Many novices know this, so that they will postpone to a completely open field. It doesn't matter, but if you press the turbo button during the first cut into the high area, the momentum will increase faster than maintaining turbocharging or waiting until later.



Secret 3:Program Audibles

It is easy to call sound from the line. New players learning MUT will see this option every time an offense goes online. The audible problem is that dramas are usually wrong, so there is no reason to change them.

Fortunately, gamers can change these options instead of the default game that is doomed to fail. Enter the formation during practice or competition, press the trigger that shows "Audibles," select the gameplay you want to replace, and then choose new gameplay from the book. It is recommended to do this in the practice of each formation so that each unit on the field has a series of games that can be changed when the game called may look ugly.



Secret 4: Hurry up to the line, spikes and false spikes

Rhythm may be the most significant advantage in the actual NFL transferred to the game. Go online in a hurry (press and hold Y/triangle after the game). The defender will have no chance to change their player personnel. Go fast enough. They don't even have an opportunity to change their gameplay. If the defense fails in a game, please continue to get to the line and use them until they figure it out.

In addition, when the time is short, the player can request a smash (B/circle) or fake smash (X/square) after the game. Artificial nails are a considerable risk, but if used at the right time, they can make defensive backs lose their positions.



Secret 5:Change Player Priority

Perhaps the most underutilized option of all Madden NFL 22 is coaching adjustments. Beginners can become beasts using this option, and they don't even have to occupy a place on the court.

There are good things to play here, but the most important thing is that gamers can choose the CPU decision. They can tell the running back to handle the ball carefully or let the defensive winger play more sacks. The default options are fine, but it is best to program them according to the situation.



Secret 6: Disguise Coverage

Defenders who don't know who has the best X-Factor abilities are a huge problem for the offense. They don't know whether their main route will be swallowed. But most ordinary players can tell who is covering whom because they are right across from them.

Please continue to cover up the report for players who like surprise elements (it should be everyone who wants good defense). Tap the Y/triangle, and then tap the right side of the left thumbstick. This selects the "base alignment" option, which puts the player in the default position instead of revealing who covers which part of the field.



Secret 7: Trade superstars without breaking the bank

In the franchise model, a common setback is that the team always wants their superstar to have a first-round pick, and their superstar has several late draft picks. This usually restricts players from making one major trade per season, but some creative people have found a solution.

Exchange a bunch of substitutes for late draft picks. The injury list can help determine who is the desperate team. Next, target a team that has severe needs in positions such as center or tight end. Then trade the substitute to them to get the first-round pick. With this new first-round pick and a large number of late draft picks, get a superstar. Repeat this operation until the team is full of Pro Bowl talents.



Secret 8: Specify Favorite Plays

However, these are only applicable to the latest console version of the game. Tapping the Y/triangle twice during the playback will get a small red heart in the upper right corner. This is a lovely effect, but it will also speed up game calls in the long run.

Players can sort the games according to their preferences. So grab those runs and passes that always seem to be effective, give them some love, and make a personalized script full of ultimately successful hands.



Secret 9: Upgrade at twice the speed

It is not uncommon or unreasonable to have a favorite mode. The face of the Franchise players and The Yard players often seek very different experiences. But if the goal is to improve the player's level, the best way is to play both modes simultaneously.

The experience of these two modes is interrelated, so upgrading a build in one mode will transfer skill points and knowledge to the same build in the other mode. These modes will gradually diminish with the experience they provide, so those who wish to maximize their avatars should participate in these two modes roughly equally.



Secret 10: Let the whole defense down

In most cases, this will be a reminder of what not to do. Players who rush to defend with two or fewer players will find their entire defense falls on the first contact. This is funny. Most players still think this is a glitch. It prevents players from playing in all reports.

But in fact, it is wise to do so on the defensive end. When this is the last game and the opponent can win by Hail Mary pass, don't rush for success. The defense will collapse, but running the ball is not a problem at this stage.