Matt Firor is Second Anniversary Retrospective

Myesogold Date: May/20/17 11:01:42 Views: 606

Matt Firor has posted a second anniversary retrospective about Elder Scrolls Online. in it, he reminisces about the game's first two years and how much it has grown since it debuted. Rather than write about each of the accomplishments over the past year, Matt takes players down a visual memory lane with screenshots galore. 

I have a huge archive of screenshots that track my main character's progress through the game starting from early access launch in March 2014 through Tamriel Unlimited's launch in March 2015, and beyond. eso gold. To celebrate, here's two years of ESO through the eyes of my main character, [REDACTED], a female Breton Nightblade. As you can tell by the chronology, I level very slowly, mostly because I also play all the new content on our development servers before it launches, as well as having an active console character.