Matt Firor on What 2016 Will Bring - Housing Too!

Myesogold Date: May/20/17 11:01:42 Views: 546

Game Director Matt Firor has posted a new blog on the Elder Scrolls Online site to give players a look at what 2016 will bring to the game. buy elder scrolls gold. He begins by reminding the community of the next two DLC, Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood, and that there is much more in store for the game.

The team is putting a special emphasis on the social site of TESO and will be working to make improvements on the LFG 2.0 that will arrive with the Thieves Guild DLC; DLC will use player scaling similar to Imperial City and Orsinium; console text chat is incoming; and a Looking For Guild system is being considered.

    Player Leveling

    We've talked publicly many times about the removal of veteran ranks and we are still committed to doing so. The goal behind this change is to make the Champion system the primary vehicle for customizing your character past level 50. This work is currently scheduled for Q2 as part of the Dark Brotherhood update.

    Here's some info about how this transition will work:

        There will be little or no changes to our current 1-50 player leveling system. You will receive one Skill Point per level as you do now, and one point to put into your Attributes (Stamina, Magicka, or Health.)
        From 50+, you will receive Champion Points as you gain Experience, which you can use to further augment your character via the Champion System. The character information window will be updated to show your level, plus your Champion Rating, which is the total number of Champion Points you have accrued.
        You will be able to gain more Skill Points the same way you do now, by completing quests, raising your Alliance War rank, and collecting Skyshards.
        We will continue to slowly raise the Champion Point cap over time as we add more content. The cap is currently set at 501 Champion Points.

Thieves Guild will launch in Q1 and is expected to arrive on the PTS in February. Story content will be the centerpiece as well as new gameplay elements and a lot of bug fixes to the core game with additional support for 64-bit systems.

Dark Brotherhood will be released in Q2, also focused on gameplay and story. The team isn't ready to reveal any information at this point so stay tuned.

Several neat features are also in the works including:

    character namplates
    scrolling combat text
    the ability for console players to display character names instead of PSN / XBL tags
    a character customization shop with the ability to change gender, appearance, name etc