On Fire with the Dragon Knight

Myesogold Date: May/20/17 10:58:27 Views: 620

During last week's The Elder Scrolls Online preview event, our team got a hands on look at two of the classes that will ship with the game. In today's preview, we take a look at the Dragon Knight. See what we discovered skill by skill and then leave your thoughts in the comments.

During my time with Elder Scrolls Online last week, I managed to climb to level seven or so in the three hours we spent inside of Morrowind and Bleakrock Island. buy eso gold. During that time I found myself falling in love with the class I happened to pick because Garrett and I had to split the two available.  I didn't expect to enjoy the Dragonknight as much as I did. I was actually sad that there wasn't a ranged class to try or a magic user as I thought they'd be more interesting in comparison to Garrett's Templar hands-on.  But by the end of the day I'd grown to enjoy burning people with my Dragon Armor and yanking them to me like Scorpion straight out of Mortal Kombat.  Let me explain a bit more, skill by skill.