One Tamriel - Housing Preparations in Patch Notes

Myesogold Date: May/20/17 11:03:19 Views: 768

The Elder Scrolls Online forum has been updated with the official patch notes for Update 12, aka One Tamriel, online. buy eso gold. One Tamriel swings the game world's doors open to allow players to adventure together regardless of level and so much more. Nearly every system and feature in the game has been touched in one way or another.

Of particular note is this section about housing coming to ESO:

    Housing Updates
    In preparation for Update 13, a number of buildings were added/modified. In addition, a number of safe boxes, treasure chests, harvest nodes, books, and NPCs were relocated to accommodate these renovations.

            The Sisters of the Sands Inn in Sentinel is renovating a room, and has temporarily blocked it off.
            Renazh's House is being renovated and is currently locked.
                Relocated a treasure chest, two safeboxes, and a book ("The Book of Circles, Tirdas Maxims").
                Renazh at-Sadil, Helazh at-Renazh, Faribah, and Modorin decided to move after they were targeted by numerous robberies, but will return to Tamriel some day when they find a safer home.
            Shara's Public House in Vulkhel Guard is renovating a room, and has temporarily blocked it off.
            The Barbed Hook Tavern in Skywatch is renovating a room, and has temporarily blocked it off.
            A new building near Mathiisen has been constructed.
        Bal Foyen
            Nebaxireet's House in Dhalmora is being renovated and is locked.
                Keema-Ja is no longer in Dhalmora, but will return to Tamriel someday.
            A new building near Halcyon Lake has been constructed, and relocated a nearby book and treasure chest.
            A new building near Lakewatch has been constructed.
            A new building near Cyrodiil Gate Garrison has been constructed.
            The Flaming Nix in Mournhold is renovating a room and has locked it.
            The Stormcrag Manor in Windhelm is being renovated, and is now locked.
                Two safeboxes have been removed.
                Lokka Stormcrag and Gyda Stormcrag are now located near the entrance to Windhelm.
                The "Letter to Ragna" note was moved with the Stormcrags.
            The Rosy Lion in Daggerfall is renovating a room and has locked it.
            Cergend's House in Daggerfall is closed for renovations.
                Eugenie Cergend and Marie Cergend are tired of getting robbed, and have left. They may return one day if they can find a safer home.
                Two safeboxes have been removed from the Cergend's home.
                A nearby book has been relocated.
            A building near Eldenroot has been closed.
                Clenegor has decided to move, but will return to Tamriel someday.
            A new building near Cormount has been constructed.
                A new citizen, Frenenora, has moved in nearby.
                A new guard is now patrolling in Cormount.
            A new building near Marbruk and in Longhaven have been constructed.
        Khenarthi's Roost
            A new building in Laughing Moons Plantation is under construction, and is locked.
        Malabal Tor
            A new building in the Bandaari Trading Post has been constructed.
        Reaper's March
            A new building near Arenthia has been constructed.
            Hears-the-Wind's House in Fell's Run is closed.
            The Ebony Flash in Ebonheart is renovating a room, and has blocked it off.
            A building near Ebonheart has been constructed, and a Mages Guild book near this building was relocated.
            A vacant building in Kragenmoor has a new lock on its door.
            A new building near Hammerdeath Arena has been constructed.
        Stros M'kai
            A new building near Port Hunding has been constructed.