Path of Exile's Expansion: The Fall Of Oriath And War For The Atlas

Myesogold Date: Jan/09/18 17:21:16 Views: 924

Path of Exile is more hardcore with its own unique economy and other aspects that aim for more seasoned players in all. For a free to play game, Path of Exile seems like a total no brainer for at least a download to try it out. Unlike some others that hide the game behind massive paywalls, this really does well to avoid any such nonsense. 



The Fall of Oriath, one of the expansion of Path of Exile, the much anticipated expansion adds 6 new Acts to the previous 4, making a total of 10 Acts. Included in the expansion are massive new boss fights, skills, items, monsters, and skill systems which will give avid players and new players something to really sink their teeth into. 


War for the Atlas, a new expansion for Path of Exile, 32 new maps were added, each with a single boss. The new enemies, Elder's minions, are grouped into four camps, each with unique abilities. By choosing to fight with a particular camp, the others become stronger in the subsequent maps, an interesting mechanic. Path of Exile is a wildly popular, free-to-play multiplayer action-RPG, and fans praise its tight gameplay and vast array of free content.


Being part of the POE economy - namely trading items with other players - is an additional level of gameplay that is not directly related to the game itself, but is surprisingly rich and requires above average understanding of game mechanics to participate fully. As you play Path of Exile, you can unlock Help panel pages. More tips and details, find more at here