Players' Review Of Path Of Exile

Myesogold Date: Dec/18/17 15:34:45 Views: 939

Multiple people brought Path of Exile up, but somehow no one has actually played it. The interest is obvious. PoE leans heavily on Diablo II, including dynamic content, a high-level of instancing, socketing, tons of difficulty levels, including Hardcore, and a collection of distinct classes.



Path of Exile is a game that has earned respect for being totally independent and extremely well structured. Clearly inspired by the old Devils, the game had a very present community and a legion of admirers.


Not to let the flame die, developers end up launching other expansions that bring new content, challenges and items. Like the game, all these expansions are free and do not require any type of advance payment to be acquired.


If you've never played Path of Exile, I strongly recommend that you do so. Despite being a bit strange at first, the game is improving exponentially with each passing chapter. I repeat: the game is good, and the best of all is that it costs nothing!


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