The Dark Brotherhood to Take Center Stage in Next DLC

Myesogold Date: May/20/17 11:02:36 Views: 594

Zenimax has released the first information about the next DLC coming to Elder Scrolls Online. While no release date has been announced, we do know that the Dark Brotherhood will be taking center stage in the DLC along with a host of new content focused on the Gold Coast and a new Dark Brotherhood-specific passive skill line, unique costumes, motifs and item sets also inspired by those with a talent for homicide. cheap elder scrolls gold.
Never fear if the DLC is not purchased:

        The removal of Veteran Ranks
        Poison-Making, for those who want to be especially nasty to their enemies
        Toggle-able nameplates for all characters
        Character name display for Xbox One and PlayStation®4
        Item locking to help prevent accidental deconstruction of your most valuable items
        Further improvements and new features to the Grouping Tool including a group ready check, vote-to-kick system, and updated queue timer
        Tons of updates to the Crown Store including additional character slots, motif previews, and hats
        Craft Bags for ESO Plus members
        Improvements and adjustments to Item Traits
        Ongoing Cyrodiil performance improvements
        Sanctum Ophidia Trial scaling, rebalancing and the addition of a Normal and Veteran mode
        Balance improvements to combat and gameplay abilities including the Fighters Guild skill line, Vampires and stamina abilities
        …and more!

    In addition, we have numerous changes and improvements for previous DLC game packs including a new District capture system for Imperial City, and rebalancing for the Imperial City dungeons.