The Elder Scrolls OL Landing Valve Today Fifty Percent Discount at the Weekend

Myesogold Date: May/20/17 10:31:57 Views: 540

ZeniMax studio research and development of the elder scrolls OL today formally landing of valve.The elder scrolls OL will be divided into the standard version and empire edition (Imperial editions) two versions.During the weekend preferential, the two versions will have fifty percent and sixty percent respectively of preferential benefits over the weekend.elder scrolls gold.
"The elder scrolls OL" is in the middle of August for the update for the third time since the launch, players will be able to custom guild shirt pattern and dyeing equipment, as well as the new guild shop and new people copy and BOSS.

The elder scrolls OL in April this year on PC platform, the future will also be on PS4 and Xbox One platform.Game currently supports English, French and German, temporarily does not support Chinese.In addition, "the elder scrolls OL" is a time for games, that is to say, in addition to need to purchase a game client for the first time, also need to pay $14.99 per month (RMB 91) a month.