"The Elder Scrolls OL" Plan to Join 4v4 Arena Rewards Pets

Myesogold Date: May/20/17 10:31:57 Views: 497

By Zenimax Online company based on the background and development of the elder scrolls MMORPG tamar, "the elder scrolls OL" designer, (Matt Firor) has revealed in an official developers log:Development team is now working for adding more new content Craglorn area, including The region's final battle line Trial "dragon" (The Serpent trials), The RAID copy of The 12 people have The time and The limitation of The resurrection, players must cooperation tacit understanding, is likely to pass.

They also plan to add 4v4 Arena mode, this is called "longxing Arena (Dragonstar Arena) area consists of ten different small Arena,Will have their own characteristics, each small arena players in addition to focus on battle with rival, also need to pay attention to the change of the environment, these changes can be deadly and change the game.elder scrolls gold.He said there will be no equipment arena rewards, replaced by various virtual pet.