The ESO Post-Launch Wishlist

Myesogold Date: May/20/17 11:03:19 Views: 765

Yep. We aren't even live yet and I'm already looking ahead to what’s next for The Elder Scrolls Online. That's not to say that I feel the game is deficient in launch features, but half the excitement of playing a new MMO is pondering about where it will go next. I've got a couple of things I'd like to see, so let'..s jump into it.

Let's get the most obvious one out of the way first. This isn't so much of an if, but more of a when. Zenimax has mentioned both many times in the past and I wouldn't be surprised to see the addition of these two guilds to the game as part of one of the first few major content updates.

That said, I feel the Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood present some interesting gameplay opportunities for ESO. buy elder scrolls gold. The associated story content is one thing, but ESO does a couple of neat things with guilds in general, such as adding new related skill lines and putting an emphasis on certain types of gameplay for each guild. Players in the Fighters Guild can take on bounty quests and must complete Dark Anchor content or kill Daedra and Undead to rank up. Mages Guild players must explore and find special lore books to progress. And finally, your ranks in the Undaunted can be increased by completing dungeon content.

Hopefully the wheels are turning for you just as they are for me when thinking about the Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood.  We've seen some amazing content for these two guilds in the various Elder Scrolls games over the years, but there are some great gameplay opportunities here too for ESO.

The Thieves Guild is probably the most beneficial here. Aside from the storyline, I'd love to see randomly generated theft quests that could even allow for pickpocketing gameplay. Being able to pickpocket anyone in ESO doesn't seem all too practical, but offering players specific content that allows for this sort of gameplay is likely much more doable.  I'd love to see some high pressure quests where the player has to get to something guarded by a strong lock (or multiple things) while guards are pathing around. There are a ton of possibilities.

Along the same lines, assassination quests could be a fun way to play around with some Radiant AI style gameplay. Unfortunately, characters in ESO don't really go about their business as they do in the single player games, but for assassination quests, the marks could be given their own schedules and players could track and take them out in different ways. Think finding out where they go to eat and poisoning their food, or learning where they sleep and taking them out while they're asleep.  Speaking of poisons, this could be where poisons are introduced to Alchemy.