The Imperial City DLC Arriving on PC Today

Myesogold Date: May/20/17 11:00:08 Views: 487

Elder Scrolls Online PC servers are down for maintenance pending the deployment of the Imperial City DLC. eso gold. Servers went down at 8:00 am Eastern / 5:00 am Pacific and will be unavailable for an indeterminate amount of time. Be sure to keep an eye on the ESO forum for the official announcement of when servers are back online.

    Molag Bal and the forces of Coldharbour have taken control of the crown jewel of Cyrodiil: the Imperial City. The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited’s first DLC game pack features hours of compelling story content, expanded Veteran Ranks, a new currency for new epic gear, two new dungeons, never-before-seen monsters, craftable item sets, and more.

XBox One players can get their hands on the DLC on September 15th followed a day later for PlayStation 4 players.