The List : 21 Things You Should Know About ESO

Myesogold Date: May/20/17 10:20:31 Views: 629
In The List this week, we expand the usual number hugely as we talk about the recently revealed new information about The Elder Scrolls Online. See what we have to say before adding your thoughts in the comments. There was a ton of info released over the past couple of weeks when it comes to Elder Scrolls Online. Sorting through it all, and pulling out all of the colorful hyperbole we games enthusiast press tend to input, can be a real chore. elder scrolls gold. So with that in mind, we are putting together a quick bullet-pointed reference list of a few things (both large and small) we think you should take away from the coverage so far that might otherwise be missed. This isnot the end-all, be-all list of ESO info, just some tasty nuggets that we think are worth compiling into one list. Dive in, digest, and comment!