The Sorcerer Previewed

Myesogold Date: May/20/17 11:01:42 Views: 704

Last week, members of our team were on hand with Zenimax developers to get a first hand look at several features in the forthcoming Elder Scrolls Online. Next we give our readers a great hands on preview of the Sorcerer class. buy eso gold. Find out more about the magic wielder before heading to the comments.

Before we start to go through skills and statistics, remember that any class can use any weapon or wear any armor. This is very much an Elder Scrolls trait and holds true in the online game as well. So the team feels strongly that even though you do pick a class to play, they do not want characters defined by their classes. As you will see on the Interviews, most of the team continues to experiment with the best builds in the game. In playing a Sorcerer I ran around primarily with a sword and dagger and was able to fight, dodge, use weapon skills, and still cast my spells.