The Top Complete Guide To Using TERA Mystics

Myesogold Date: Jul/14/18 11:04:09 Views: 1651

People loved Mystics because the game was a lot different. Crit rate was much lower so mystic auras were a lot better. Max hp was a lot lower so mystic heals were a lot better and priest's overabundant heal power wasn't "so good" like it is now. If your team has more pressure mystic is extremely strong due to abundant hard to counter/impossible to counter CC skills which priests don't have. As a mystic, you don't just have a higher chance to CC someone, you WILL CC someone because your skills are a lot better for that. You can find more Tera guides on U4GM, where you can buy Tera online Gold too. Hope you guys have a happy time in TERA world, just ask us for help once you meet any troubles in the game.




>> Titanic Favor~ well that's mystic's only healed, it is similar to priest's worst heal - focus heal. Titanic favor is better because it adds a 10-second heal over time buff which is actually a lot better than it sounds. It heals for free and it stacks with warding totem and healing and if the enemy damage isn't big then you often won't need to heal as much. Sadly, titanic favor has a huge animation lock and if your team is getting raped and you're forced to spam that skill then you are almost always animation locked and you cant even play Tera... you're stuck there spamming heal and being a victim to sleep or enemy DDs. You have no choice but to spam it in some situations and those are the worst.


>> Mana, you MUST drop those on CD but you are not required to pickup those b@lls. You can just leave them there for a rainy day but make sure that your team doesn't eat them either. In TERA DDs have easy and cheap ways to get mana except for sorcs and archers but even so eating mystic's b@lls can often result in a horrible death. Depending on how the game is progressing those b@lls can be used strategically to put mana while in defensive mode and then go offensive and instantly regenerate your mana afterward so the enemy cant takes advantage of the fact that you used your mana for CC. 


>> Cleanse, mystic cleanse sucks compared to priest one but you can cast it from further away, its overall safer but a lot worse.. altho it can situationally be better. A problem with mystic is when someone is staggering you, meaning that you have to use jaunt before you can cleanse. The only thing mystic cleanse is better for is that its much faster after you use it so if you expect a stun incoming (fairly obvious in many situations) you can prepare to instantly cleanse it by having your teammates already locked on


>> Regression, the mystic's dispelled which I like a lot. Regression, unlike plague, cant be staggered or interrupted in any way and is much faster and easier to hit with. IMO this skill alone gives mystics a huge edge because you can easily remove priest's Energy Stars whenever its used (you should keep regression for it) and then you'll have DDs with aura against unbuffed people and you'd have created a much better environment for your DDs to fight in. With a lot better sustain and auras your DDs should be able to beat the enemy while you're ccing the priest or something. Regression is an awesome skill which can be used both offensive and defensive. 


>> Mire, the main reason why most mystics suck is that they don't use mire. It is one of the best skills in the game and its equal to a 10-second sleep when casting on a melee. Read the skill tooltip, test it yourself, use it. The only things that counter mire are teleport, charge, backstab, cleanse. 


>> Fear, you can use fear through retaliate, its instant cast, it can be used to stop a flying heal/energy stars/plague/sleep (from an enemy priest), it can be used to cancel attacks and its uncleansable so you can use it on add and his priest won't be able to do anything. Mystic fear is very strong both offensively and defensively. You can even use fear if your team is focusing on a priest who knocked down and uses retaliate. It removes the retaliate buff and pushes the priest into another stagger and possible KD, leading to his death. Very powerful


>> Knockdown, mystic's knockdown is better than priest because you have a lot more tools to use it with and you can easily kd lock people without retaliating. USE IT!


>> Stunball, one of the best skills in the game, instant cast (on melee range) undodgeable long duration stun with low cooldown which can open up many possibilities. Stunball can often end the game by killing enemy team. It also stacks with some of the stuns in Tera making some combos very lethal.


>> Auras, auras can be canceled mid game due to lack of mana, make sure you re-apply them and you pay attention.