Thieves Guild Systems & Skill Lines Revealed

Myesogold Date: May/20/17 11:01:42 Views: 576

The Elder Scrolls Online site has been updated with a comprehensive look at the new Thieves Guild systems and skill lines that will arrive with the new DLC later this month. eso gold. Players can look forward to a new TG passive skill line, the Larceny System, Mementos and Assistants.

In the Passive Skill Line, players will be able to choose from six passive abilities that will add to the already-existing lockpicking.

    Here is a brief summary of the Thieves Guild skill line passive abilities:

        Finders Keepers: Thieves Troves are special caches that are located all around Tamriel. They have a distinct blue glow around them. If you happen to spot a Thieves Trove, it's yours to keep if you can open it. You'll need this Thieves Guild passive to secure your prize!
        Swiftly Forgotten: Experienced thieves know the value of being inconspicuous. Swiftly Forgotten decreases your accrued bounty and heat after three seconds, making you a distant memory with those who would have you arrested.
        Haggling: The art of haggling is admired among members of the Thieves Guild. With this passive, your haggling skills grant you the ability to get up to 10% more for stolen items you sell to any fence. Haggling won't give you benefits for Laundering—fences have to make a living too, after all.
        Clemency: Every thief has at least one tale of giving town guards the slip. With Clemency, you can do just that. When used, a guard that was going to arrest you will have a turn of heart and won't take your money and stolen goods. Also, guards will not attempt to accost you for one minute after you use Clemency unless you commit other crimes. Clemency is usable once a day, so use it wisely!
        Timely Escape: "Thick as thieves" is more than just a saying, especially among members of the Thieves Guild. If you find yourself in a sticky situation, a fellow thief may come to your aid. With Timely Escape, there is a chance a "Footpad" may appear in any town with an Outlaws Refuge when you have heat and are in combat. Interacting with the Footpad will whisk you away to the safety of the nearest Outlaws Refuge.
        Veil of Shadows: Long shadows and dark alleys are a boon to any thief. With Veil of Shadows, witnesses and guards have their detection range decreased by 10%. With decreased detection range, witnesses are less likely to notice crimes and guards won't challenge you until they get closer. They can't catch what they don't see!

The Larceny System allows players to make a bit of coin by completing quests and repeatable content through the use of the Tip Board that send players across the game world to pickpocket, unlock safeboxes, gather specific consignment items and more. Even more options are available to steal additional items.

With the Heist Board, members will see their skills pushed to the max in sneaking, trap avoidance, lockpicking and more. These take place in instanced locations that can be completed alone or in groups. Each also comes with a bonus objective with all leading to a lucrative reward at the end.

The Reacquisition Board that sends players on quest item recovery in and around Hew's Bane.

Mementos are unique trickets with a special effect that can be obtained in lots of different ways. Mementos also don't take up bank space, but instead have their own collection tab!

Lastly Assistants are summonable NPCs that provide specific services. These Assistants can sometimes only be used by those summoning them, or can be used by anyone in the vicinity. Assistants can be bankers, merchants, or fences.