Tingle is Touchy Subjects : Enough Elder Scrolls in the Online?

Myesogold Date: May/20/17 10:18:08 Views: 959
The Elder Scrolls Online will be arriving soon, much to the excitement of fans of the iconic IP. But some worry that there wonot be enough Elder Scrolls in the MMO. In today is Tingle is Touchy Subjects, we opine about that subject and await your thoughts in the comments. My own spotted history with the Elder Scrolls series began with Daggerfall in 1998. It is EU cover is burnt bright into my memory, and as a terrified 8 year I stood in EB Games (that is Electronic Boutique to us Brits) begging my brother to reconsider the game with the flesh peeled king adorning the cover and perhaps go for something nicer; something like the Monkey Island Bounty Pack; maybe even a Lords of the Realm 3 bumper edition.