Weapon Ultimates Coming in Update 12 -- And Are They Pretty

Myesogold Date: May/20/17 11:03:19 Views: 680

The Elder Scrolls Online team has posted a brief video look at new weapon ultimates coming to the game in Update 12. Each weapon will have a basic Weapon Ultimate with a skill and two morphs also with a skill.

For instance, Bows will have a Rapid Fire basic with Ballista and Toxic Barrage for morphs. Rapid Fire sends out a barrage of arrows that do damage over time and can be utilized on the move. Ballista summons a turret while Toxic Barrage poisons enemies after Rapid Fire ends with damage over time.

The new Weapon Ultimates add greater variety to the current Weapon skill lines, creating countless new build options. eso gold.  These Weapon Ultimates will require you to fully master your craft by maxing out the corresponding Weapon Skill Line, but the investment will be well worth your time.

Check out the video to see each weapon type's basic Weapon Ultimate and let us know what you think!